Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Time flies

Here is my effort for the latest challenge over at Journaling Junkie Its one that I suggested- It was milk that inspired my original idea so it was the milk that I have on my LO - I looked at the milk as I pulled it out of the fridge and though wow is it the end of February already?

The challenge is about the passing of time

In what ways do you notice the passing of time?
is it looking at old photos and realising how much everyone has changed?
is it when a tv programme comes on and you realise another week as gone by?
Is is marking off days on a calendar?
is it birthdays coming round and realising the years are moving so quickly?

The journalling reads

I used to know the exact date when I was a teacher. I'd write the date on the board every day- sometimes more than once. Now the date jumps up me and gives me a shock. Blimey I say as I pull the milk from the fridge. Is it the end of May already? journalling 25.5.11

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  1. Great layout. I do this every time I turn the calendar, like today. Another month, gone already?