Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tunnel of Fun?

Last week's sketch by Shimelle passed me by what with a trip to the UK and a visit from my in-laws so this week I was determined to get it done early.

The Lo has pictures of my husband and children just before we went into the canal tunnel at the Black Country Museum- we all needed to wear hard hats, Nancy wasn't pleased at all- they were heavy and one size fits all

A very kind old couple handed out mis-shape biscuits to cheer them all up- you can see Arthur munching on one in his picture! 354/365

and the sketch
scrapbooking sketch and page ideas


  1. That's just down the road from me. I thought I recognised the pictures before I read the text!
    Call in and say hello if you go again!

  2. Lovely colours on your layout and great photos of the children - even if they weren't happy!

  3. Lovely Lo. Looks like a fun day out.