Friday, 13 May 2011

Going Hybrid!- originally posted 12 May

I had a bad few hours today when my blog seemed to have disappeared! I couldn't find it anywhere- my dashboard said I didn't have any blogs, it said my blog name was available, every which way I searched it had disaapeared, and when i did get access to some form of blogger it kept happily changing the language for me, it went to Dutch which I can handle but Czech- no. But it seems to have reappeared now so fingers crossed I'll still be here tomorrow.

Anyway I decided yesterday to download Echo Park's one buck Wednesday- I don't do digital, I don't think I have the capabillity on my computer, I don't know where to start, I did try and find some tutorials once but nothing was BASIC enough! LOL.

But they were one dollar each for the For the Record papers and elements and a set of recipe cards- my thoughts were that I'd at least be able to print out the recipe cards to use and maybe just maybe some time in the future- way in the future- I might be able to do something digital with them-but once I down loaded them I found lots of elements that I could print out and use

On here are some for the record white flowers , a red rose and the big green flower shape.
I also used my Counterfeit kit - the printed book page in the back ground -is something I made for my kit- I scanned in a 1940s French Ali Baba book and printed them out

If anyone wants the j-peg images let me kn ow I can send them to you- After what I said in the post above I don't think I can do anything more technical without help!

Extra- I imagine we've all had problems with blogger today but thanks to a lovely lady who found my missing post on Google reader I have had the two missing posts returned to me! Thanks Julie-Ann Shahin


  1. This is sooooo pretty...I love it!

  2. Revisiting...blogger ate my previous comment. Love that scanned paper. You are so creative to think of that. Great layout...everything goes so well together.

  3. Blogger has been giving us all grief it seems. I had some weird error before bed last night and my blog disappeared. Happily it was back again this morning. I am missing 4 comments from my Wednesday post. :( Your LO is wonderful and I love how you scanned that amazing book page. Great use of the Echo Park digital elements. I finally got my hands on this line and am anxious to cut into it. I want to finish my kit first. Loving the design of your LO and all of the layering!! :)

  4. It's nice to be back in Blogland, isn't it? Like your LO. I have PSE but I much prefer hybrid to completely digi scrapping

  5. i love your hybrid page. I dabble a little and i love the elements you printed and used. cute pic too. =)