Thursday, 17 November 2011


Ok so Blogger's messing me around at the moment. These photos were the right way up in Picassa, the right way up stored on my hard drive BUT Blogger decides they need to be upside down or sideways! grrrr.

I have decided to do two Christmas albums this year! ! Two! 

this one is going to be a Ali Edwars December Daily style one- as (correct me If I'm wrong) it seems to be a much more simple idea than JYC- I intended to choose one photo for each day and write a little about each photo- maybe on the hpoto itself before I print it

I decided to use up some old papers for this album- mostly stuff that was not Christmas paper .

I also decided on five different styles for my numbers- but all of them using the Ormolu flair dates I bought a while back

the first using these great wooden gift tags I found in Marks and Spencers- I used the back side of them as they are printed on the front- this is the title page
the second using doilies ( upside down)

the third using a piece of Websters Pages paper that has front doors on it ( sorry its sideways)
the wooden tags again as a page number
the fourth using gift tags in the shape of Gingerbread men
and the fifth design is with kraft luggage tags

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