Monday, 14 November 2011

getting started

this weekend Shimelle had a Christmas craft weekend- to help us all get ready with cards and ready for Journal Your Christmas if you happen to be getting involved

Last year I won a class pass for the class on the day it started so I was nowhere near ready for it- In fact I only finished it  yesterday- I put a concerted effort to get something down for every day even if it wasn't what I really wanted- at least its done ( well as done as its gonna be- I went back through my photos and found I didn't take any photos on the 28th and 29th so I had no idea what we did!)

Anyway this year I shall be prepared- well vaguely

I've chosen to use a 6x12 American crafts album

and yesterday I cut down some photo protectors to go in between the 6X12 page protectors ( I had some for 12x12 albums so I cut them in half)
I thought this would give me the flexibility to add some 4x6 photos or journalling and I could put three pages on one or use the three spaces for one day- we'll see how it goes

I also ordered some papers from AC so hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to cut some papers down to size ready and make my page numbers!

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