Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Its getting to that time of the year and I am still no where near having scrapped all of last year's photos! 

I have to say I am SOOOOO fed up with the plastic tree we have- we have been talking about getting rid of it for about six years- but  for the last three years we have been away from home for over a week around Christmas because we have been travelling back to the UK so there was no point in getting a real one- we talked about getting a new fake one but they were very expensive in the Netherlands- so maybe  this year......

Anyway the photos are of the decorations on our tree - this year I AM changing them- I love the pale blue, white and crystal that we have but for the last few years I have been buying bits in bright colours to go on the little tree in the hall- this year i think I have hoarded enough to put them on the BIG tree.

This Lo  was for the Scrapbookers Anonymous mid month alphabet challenge! this month we are up to the letter D- so the Lo is about Decorations and I used DCWV paper to make the tree and the background paper- I cheated a bit by using some American Crafts washi to make my decorations- so this might not be the main contribution for the challenge!

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