Tuesday, 15 November 2011

at the works "do"

this LO is for Shimelle's sketch of the week and also part of her Christmas crafting weekend - so the added twist was to make a Christmas LO

The sketch was designed around those pages with a border round them- the ones- it turns out- that many of us aren't very good at using- I'm also hopeless with papers that have a big design across one corner- I never know where to put the picture and can't work out how to embellish over the designs!

Anyway back to the Lo

this photo is of me aged about 4 at my Dad's work's Christmas "do". ( is that a particularly British turn of phrase?)  My Dad was playing Father Christmas that year so that might explain the look of confusion on my face

And if you think the reindeer looks slightly odd it's because it's a mirror and its reflecting the underside of my conservatory door!

all the tiny little silvery dots are from a packet of thickers- no I didn't steal all the dots from the i's but there were loads of little full stops on the sheets so I used them
scrapbooking sketch

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