Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My last Scrapping the Music guest post :(

I have been so lucky to be asked to be guest designer over at Scrapping the Music for two months but this is my last LO in the role :( now I have to go back to participating in the challenges as they go live :)

so my last challenge is the song Heaven When we're Home by the Wailing Jennies- I chose the line "walk a while"

This Lo nearly ended in disaster- I decided to use my bird on a wire punch at the top of the page only to find mid punch that it was broken- the metal punch plate had snapped along the wire bit and well the whole bit tore at the top of the page hence the slightly odd bit of paper at the top that is the repair

The LO is a picture of Nancy walking through the woods on one of our evening cycle rides- I think she was a bit fed up of being cycled about on my bike and wanted a bit of freedom


  1. Beautiful picture! Love what you did with the flowers and the little ducks around it! And the tape at the top looks good too!!!

  2. Your photo is just stunning -- and I think your page repair totally suits the design -- love all your embellies!

  3. Really impressive design nice work and thanks for sharing.