Thursday, 2 June 2011

making hay while the sun shines

these are what I rustled up yesterday before our bank holiday Hemelvaartsdag (literally heaven journey day) today and therefore a long weekend without much chance to scrap

The Scrappiest- for this one I tried to use a combination of colours- cream from the dictionary and map paper, pale blue and pink although the butterflies are purple. It's called dirt bag cos that's what she usually is in some way- face, feet, hands always filthy the sketch

- had a colour combination challenge- light pink, dark pink, black and white
I misted white through an old chipboard backing sheet and then dropped red mister on while it was wet so it would be pink and spread. I then outlined with pink pen. The three little punched circles are left overs from the large circle border punch I used at the bottom of the LO
Stuck Sketches

Stuck sketches have a super simple sketch this time- always good by me- I changed it a little I have circles instead of stars and all my bits are the same size. I very rarely tell people my techniques- i don't want people to feel I'm trying to teach them to suck eggs but I'm going to tell you how i made the circles-

You need to differently sized circle punches- punch through the paper with your smaller punch first- then you can position your second punch over the top and centre it round the first hole you made- punch away and you should have a punched ring

The LO is called under the bench- last week at cricket the two smallest were a little bored so they kept crawling under the bench and poking our bottoms- i had to take pictures of their giggling faces
the sketch


  1. gaaf hoor! weer een hoop inspiratie voor mij!

  2. Love your take on Liz's sketch. You have a fantastic scrapping style.

    It is sad that our country no longer have a public holiday to celebrate "hemelvaart dag".

  3. The LO of BENCH is soooooo beautiful!!!
    Love it!!!

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  5. Sorry for the double your lo's! The scrap the girls one is soooooooooooo pretty! Lovin all that pink. The stuck one is another awesome the simplicity and the circles!

  6. All your layouts are so unique! I love your take on the sketch!!! Gorgeous butterflies! Thanks for visiting The Scrappiest!

  7. Hi.. gorgeous layouts.. what cute photos too!!

  8. gorgeous layouts, love what you did with the alphas on Scrap the Girls layouts.

  9. Fabulous how you created the background with the alphas on the STG layout, very effective! :)