Friday, 17 June 2011

My 15 seconds of fame

In Amsterdam at the moment there is a massive screen, like a marquee at the cinema, which is showing peoples names for 15 seconds at a time. Its part of the Stedelijk Museum which is the contemporary art museum and during their massive rebuilding programme they have attached this huge screen to the side of the building- you can see the size of the screen on the top LO

I signed up the children and myself for our 15 seconds but unfortunately it was at 2 am :( there is a live video feed but there was no way I was going to wait to see it. But it appears the live feed didn't work so they rescheduled all the names and ours was at 06.53 am. Not great but there I was at 06.53 am with my camera in front of the screen- the pictures are a bit blurry but proof our names were there.

This Lo is for the Get Picky sketch- I decided I didn't like the four photos on the sketch page- I was going to put the print out with the name of the art at the top but it was too big.

So I decided to make it a two page LO and moved the small photos to the second page- hope get Picky don't mind

the original sketch


  1. I don't mind at all! I love your creativity in using the sketch for a double pager! How fun with your 15 seconds of fame. That is so cool :)

  2. A great idea Karen. Only a scrapbooker would go at that hour of the morning for their pic!

  3. What a clever idea!! Thanks for playing along with us at Get Picky..x

  4. Great way to extend the sketch into a 2-pager, and fun story-behind-the-layout too! Thanks for joining in with this month's sketch! :)