Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scrapbookers Anonymous- June challenge

The latest challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous is live- its an easy one ( well it is if you have the right products - which I don't LOL.)

The challenge is to use up some of those small paper pads you have- either 6x6 or 8x8 - you just have to use at least three on your LO- simple

having said simple I found this one soooo difficult- I have very little paper that is smaller than 12x12- I have a few sheets that came with an 8x8 album I bought... but when I came to try and use it on a LO you couldn't really tell I was using three sheets of 8x8 as I ended up cutting it into small bits!

IN the end I went out and bought a 6x6 pad to use ( don't worry it only cost me 89 euro cents or $1.28) - I've used four sheets on the LO and I hope you can tell it's 6x6 paper-

These are the the rejects- see you can't really tell I used three sheets of 8x8 on each!


  1. Wonderful layouts! Hope you enjoyed using your paper pad. I started the year with none, and now I own two stacks of them!

  2. Great LO's, love the strips of 6x6 paper and the doily looks

  3. I like your rejects. Making an 8 X 8 pack look like it wasn't an 8 X 8 is kind of the point to me.

  4. Beautiful layouts KAren... and CONGRATS you managed to complete your 365 LOs... you are scrapping!!... hugs...xoxo

  5. the layout is wonderful... and so are your rejects. =) i have way too many of those mini paper packs, they are so hard to resist.

  6. Rejects??? Not. Loving your girl with the messy face, and the way you used those strips of paper. Great work!

    Anne Pennington