Thursday, 16 June 2011

JOurnalling for DAddy

The current challenge over at Journalling Junkie is Dads- very apt for this time of year

This is the challenge set

Dad's are usally do-ers.
Celebrate all the things your Dad (or the Father of your children) does for you.
Take out the garbage, provide faithfully, check all the doors are locked up tight at night etc

My Lo is called Dad's most important job

My journalling reads

the BBQ is James' area of cooking expertise the one time he wasn't around to light a BBQ he set it all up ready with strict instructions

( I really wanted to write more but I didn't want to write on the green spaces I had at the bottom)

So here's what I added on the back of the LO ( no place to hide a tag either!)

When we go away on holiday our little BBQ comes with us- you like to feel your taking the burden of cooking away from me by having a BBQ or three while we're away- you've barbecued in the rain, the snow, in the pitch black, in a thunder storm !

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  1. What a great thing to scrapbook about! Love the clean lines to this and that wood grain base looks fab!!!