Tuesday, 7 December 2010

it's a Christmas thing

Here is my entry for the My Mind's Eye blog challenge
As you can see I have changed the sketch a bit, I have only one photo, the title
in a different place and there isno strip down the middle but all the other elements are all
the bracket shape
the three elements at the top and the two circles at the bottom

The Lo is called It's a Christmas Thing and it might need a little translating
for anyone outside the UK

At Christmas lunch we always have Christmas crackers- they have a little snap
inside, a gift, a (bad) joke and a paper hat. It is THE LAW that you must wear
your paper hat for as long as possible- the men are usually better at it than
the women and quite often fall asleep after lunch wearing it- This photo is my
grandfather wearing his paper hat about twenty (or more) years ago

This is the sketch


  1. what a lovely layout..again... you nailed the simplicity...and nice pastel colors too...have a good one Karen...xoxo

  2. Great layout! Good luck with the contest, the prizes are pretty awesome!