Thursday, 1 December 2011

your doodles

when i first saw the tag challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous I had some American crafts tags in mind to use- but no amount of searching would help me find them- at the weekend I spent about 4 hours sorting my craft room and finally found them so I made another LO for the tag challenge which is what I really wanted to make in the first place

the trouble is after I'd photographed it, uploaded it , cropped it and attached it to my e-mail to submit it to the girls I realised there was no glitter!

I'll show you anyway

Its called your doodles- Nancy asked me if she could use a tag that was laying on the kitchen table left over from my successful ( but far too late ) efforts to finish my JYC

a couple of hours later I found the tag on the kitchen chair with a cute drawing on it- so I had to scrap it

and a close up of the tag ( for some reason blogger keeps flipping it when it uploads this picture- its the right way round on my computer!)

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