Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ok bad bad photo but I feel the need to attempt to keep up to date with my JYC on the blog as well as in the journal

My chose format this year is 12x6 but every other page is 4x6 photo pages so I printed off the mainifesto- had one space for the date and one space for a tag with journalling on- I think I can change things round day by day- add more photos or more photo pages if I need to

I managed to get a reasonable photo today of James and Nancy having a cuddle- but its so annoying trying to take pictures in the dark and really I don't want pages of me at work in my journal just because I can take a picture in the daylight!

journalling is about the need to have a cuddle with my little ones today- had very bad news today at work about a very sudden death- makes you realise how precious people are

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