Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My childhood faves c 1979

This is for the latest challenge over at Journalling Junkie- to scrap your favourite cartoon character- i wasn't sure I had one until I went back to the very simple cartoons of my early childhood

 My Printer has gone mental ( even a change of ink has not worked) The pictures I wanted to print out for this LO are all yellow as you can see from the photo but hopefully it doesn't matter too much as they are to go on tags that are hidden in the LO so they can wait until its working1

My LO is called c1979 and its about the cartoons I loved as a kid

each tag has a photo and a short description of the cartoon and a seventh tag has some general thoughts
so here is what is on each tag

1. Bod
Bod had the most fantastic theme tune- very bad animation and a frog who lead an animal band and was rewarded with milkshake. Bod had an Aunt Flo and he was completely bald
find him on you tube here here

2. Mr Benn
MR Ben-he's here
Mr Benn lived on his own- everyday ( it seems) he went to a fancy dress shop and when he tried something on he went through a door to an adventure ( until the shopkeeper appeared). Another great theme tune and a fab voiceover- 

3. Ivor the Engine

Ivor the Engine- here
Ivor was a Welsh Engine on the The Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited and was driven by Jones the Steam- he was good friends with a Dragon called Idris who had hatched in his boiler- 

4. Jamie and the Magic torch
Jamie! Jamie!

Jamie and the Magic Torch

Down the helter skelter, faster and faster,

Towards Cuckoo Land.

Wordsworth! Wordsworth!

Following hard behind.

Ready for adventure, always there to lend a paw

...or hand!

these were the lyrics to the theme tune!)

Jamie and the Magic torch- here

5. Noggin the Nog

Noggin the Nog- here
Noggin the Nog was the hero and Nogbad the bad was the villain. These were stories of old norse (ish) mythology, dragons and princesses   

6. Mr Men

Mr men- here

The Mister Men were voiced by Arthur Lowe which was part of the magic of the programme which wasn't much more animated than the pages of the books they came from

last tag
The cartoons I loved most as a child were very gentle, no battling skeletons or fighting warriors. Just very simple quiet stories of steam ttrains, dragons, and adventures in a clothes shop, animal bands and milkshakes of your choice. The voiceovers and music were also fantastic and bring back so many memories when I search for them on You Tube

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  1. This is just perfect, thanks so much. I really appreciate your faithfulness and all the effort you went to yellow ink not withstanding.