Wednesday, 12 October 2011

memory store

Here Is my latest submission for  the Twisted sketches design team- you'll have to pop over to  the Twisted blog ( use the link at the side) to see the actual sketch but I can tell you the twist is envelope

So I made myself an envelope from double sided paper and managed to fit five photos in there and get them off my to scrap pile
I called the Lo "memory store" because of the envelope and the five photos squeezed inside and as a nod to the fact that i store all of my photos in envelopes before I scrap them.
And just to show you how frugal a scrapper I can be- this is what my circle looks like underneath-  I had a full sheet of this star paper and a small piece of scrap. I decided to make a circle from the scrap bit and  save the sheet for another day so I left spaces where the other paper would cover it

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