Thursday, 13 October 2011

Beatlemania- Abbey Road

My latest challenge at Scrap it With a Song is up- and this time its a little different- a photo challenge rather than a song and its lyrics
And here it is- the front of the Abbey Road album by the Beatles

What I really wanted to do was take a photo of my three in similar pose to the album cover but My printer doesn't work and I didn't leave myself enough time to get one done elsewhere- so second best I found a photo of them on the beach where they are in outline IYKWIM

I then used strips of paper to mimic the zebra crossing on the album cover and to top it of chose a Beatles song title for my title- "here comes the Sun" which is actually from the Abbey Road album

Why don't you see what you can come up with?


  1. I LOVE your take on this challenge Karen!! And love that you chose a song title from that album as well!! Great!

  2. Fun page! I love the photo and all the patterned paper strips!