Tuesday, 12 October 2010

the return of bug boy

The pictures I took today are bad, I mean real bad, I left it too late in the afternoon and all the sun was gone, now I am a bit strange when it comes to taking photos but to go and stand in the middle of the road for sun is a bit too much ( so you'll have to put up with it [ four times if you read all today's posts])

This Lo is inspired by a photo over on Papercraft Star ( it is for this week's challenge)

I took a few bits from the original photo
1. the colours
2. the circles at the top
3. the line at the bottom
4. and kind of the Halloween theme
5. the spider

We don't really do Halloween here in the Netherlands ( although they do have a party at school usually, but this year it falls into the school holidays {boo}). We have St Marten a few weeks later on the 11th of November when the children go round with lanterns and sing songs for sweets.

Anyway it looks a bit halloweeny because Arthur had had his face painted that day ( he is a clown if you can't tell) and the paint had begun to smear and run.

the spider is from a bag of Halloween goodies that Grandma brought over from England this weekend


  1. I love this layout and how you interpretted the photo for the challenge. And that photo of your son is priceless!!!

  2. This is a darling scrapbook layout of your so sweet son and I really am enjoying your interpretation of the Halloween sketch! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Papercraft Star!

  3. What an adorable layout! I really like that you added the punched border it really brings your attention to the photo. Very nice interpretation of the sketch! Thanks so much for playing along with us again this week at Papercraft Star!


  4. Thanks for joining us again @ Papercraft Star! What a cute layout, I love that details that you included from the photo inspiration and how it is represented in the layout! Great job! :D