Tuesday, 12 October 2010

10 things I hate

The pictures I took today are bad, I mean real bad, I left it too late in the afternoon and all the sun was gone, now I am a bit strange when it comes to taking photos but to go and stand in the middle of the road for sun is a bit too much ( so you'll have to put up with it [ four times if you read all today's posts])

This is for HMITM ( link at the side) the challenge was 10 things I hate both in terms of stash I hate and a list of things as well. I have such a hard job using journalling bits, pre-made spots, tags, blocks,etc never seem to fit with my designs so I dug them out stuck on 10 and found I quite like it. But I really hate the photo I took hence number 8 on my list
the list reads
1. I hate the way my husband loads the dishwasher
2. I hate bananas
3. I hate it when my children whine
4. I hate tidying up and sorting out washing
5. I hate the fact I can never find anything when my Mother -in-Law has been to visit
6. I hate dog poo
7. I hate the dentist ( and I hate it for my children)
8. Now I hat self timers on cameras
I hate pyjama days
9. I really hate snow
10. I hate that I bite my nails
* I hate my printer

I Liked the LO so much that I made another of my son and the things he likes. That was because when I was looking for a photo of me to use I laid his photo on the LO to see how it would look and whether I should take a picture of me (hence number 8)

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