Monday, 4 October 2010

the projects that needed to be scrapped

These two are or Scrap Our stash

I have been trying to do them for a good few years

1. The last day

The journalling is hidden it reads

This photo was taken on a visit to my Nan, we took her out for lunch in the pub even though she did't want to go, she was struggling to walk that day. We went outside for photos before we left. The next day she collapsed getting out of bed, the cancer was back and the tumour pushing on her spine paralysed her legs. This photo was the last day before she went into hospital. She never came home.

2. The gathering storm
When my Nan went into hospital it was soon clear she wasn't coming home, she was paralysed by the tumour on her spine and they could do nothing about it. It got harder to get her out of bed and outside the hospital by I remember one day in August when we managed to get her outside into the hospital garden. We could hear the storm approaching, the sky darkening and the rain coming. We wanted to take her back in, But she made us wait until it rained. She wanted to feel it on her face for one last time.

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