Tuesday, 5 October 2010

All about me

The challenge over at category stories was to make a LO about yourself. I keep mentioning this but I am out of thickers ( I mean there is not an e to be had anywhere) so I decided to use the numbers on this layout to really use up my stocks.

I have detailed some stats about me, I have done
this for the boys before but never me.
Stats are
36 years old
3 children
married 11 years
2 years in Holland
5 foot 8
10 stone 7
size 12

On a similar theme Gutter Girlz asked you to finish off the line " I am A........"
Well with my lack of thickers it has morphed into I blog instead of I am a blogger which is what I intended. I am rather excited about blogging I haven't
been doing it long but was thrilled to reach 1000 page
views last week ( thank you :)) There are a few other hints on there about what I am, cook , cyclist, sewer, postcrosser, housewife, mother.
Oh and the technique was to add some fabric


  1. I LOVE THIS!! It's perfect!! I can't tell you how many M's have been sacrificed in the name of E... lol GREAT adjustment, and thanks for sharing with us!

  2. There are never enough vowels! Thanks you for participating :)

  3. fantastic page! I hear ya on the alphas! thanks for playing along!

  4. I can totally relate to having a lack of "e's"!!! haha Love what you did and thanks so much for rolling in the gutter with us!!

  5. I am always running out of letters to. funny how we know how to make it work though. great layout. thanks for playing along with us

  6. Fabulous page!! I've often had to manufacture an E from an F and an I...they should sell pages of stickers with only the letter E!!

  7. LOVELY this is me!!!! I love it! Thanks for playing along!