Monday, 11 October 2010

I'm only here for fun

I couldn't resist the latest effer dare swap ( even though it said no international applications, hence the title of this post)
I love taking feet pictures for what they say about where you have been and done. So this weekend I documented the outings me and my new golden Converse took, so on the LO you can see home, walking at the castle, collecting conkers, walking on the grass, our gravel drive, the zoo, feeding the fish, lunch, and me waiting for the horse ride to finish.

if you look closely the v for gravel looks a bit odd. I've lost my v and have to use part of W!
Lo title is a reference to the Eurovision winners of 1984.....

Herreys with Diggiloo Diggiley which had a line about me

and my golden boots

I really loved that song.

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  1. great page, lovely scrapbook work overall!