Saturday, 14 August 2010

Photos for Shimelle's Cyber Crop (so far)

These are various photos I took today for Shimelle's challenges

I love these street organs, you can see them all over the Netherlands, In Utrecht there is a whole museum devoted to them


really two seconds before I took this my son was looking through that window in a grump, it was so cute.. See how beautiful the weather has been here today in the Netherlands, we usually get the rain the day after England so this may not last.
And this is me laying on the kids trampoline, avoiding bird poop, and looking at the sun through the trees.

Seriously I love feet photos , they tell such a story. A few weeks ago we were at the beach and i took some great shots of the kids sandy feet (Such a shame we are limited to photos from this weekend)

Anyway this morning Nancy had an ankle bracelet to go with her pyjamas
Then she got herself dressed and chose flip flops and socks. Good combo.

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