Friday, 6 August 2010

the one where I give up hope

I don't know if anyone is out there or if anyone cares but I am not giving up the blog just the hope. I have recently been applying for spots on design teams ( which is the only reason I started this blog) and I have failed in all but one, I now think I have an overinflated sense of my scrapping ability and this has made me sad. Maybe next year I can try again or maybe i can't face the rejection again.

Any way every week I attempt and fail at the American crafts blog challenge. this week it is to use punches and two American crafts product. well I am forever using punches so somepoor soul on the AC website is going to have to look at my stuff again.

this is my daughter on the train to Utrecht relaxing on the seat. i have used three punches and seven different AC products. and that random thing in the picture is part of a straw that was on the floor , see i have even given up cropping my pictures. the next picture I failed to realise it was on the wonk before Iuploaded it and being a novice could'nt work out how to change it( oh how envy those with beautiful blogs)

three punches, two Ac products, some letterbox, and sone very old metropolitan I think

talk about proud

i love using punches so that I can repeat the image over and over. this is my son Stanley who won the man of the match award in the last cricket match of the season, he was so pleased with himself.
lots of American Crafts products some Craft Fair, some Junior
maybe next time I will be a bit more positive but i DO intend to bombard this blog with pages with punches on this week maybe quantity will beat quality. I wish I could scrap like the other girls....


  1. I am just popping over here from the AC blog. Don't get down about the DTs!! I have tried out for the AC DT four times and not made it...four times! ;) I LOVE your quote punch layout! :) I might have to find myself a quote punch now!!

  2. Hello, popping by via the AC blog too. Chin up! I loved your LOs, especially the quote punch and the colours in the relax LO... At least now you have nice pages to keep all your lovely memories right? :)

  3. thanks ladies, I know the girls who are in are fab, I just wish i was as good, but there were other attempts that also failed Maybe next year.