Friday, 13 August 2010

from the car window

These images don't really count as entires for Shimelle's challenge as they weren't taken this weekend but I shall post anyway and try and take a proper entry over the weekend. I always love the romantic sound of a "road trip" but Dover to Wolverhampton and Hilversum to Lelystad don't rely have the glamour of travel I would hope for.
Picture one is on the aforementioned Dover to Wolverhampton trip, I took this photo as I wanted a cloud picture to use for a page about my Nan. It might sound a bit morbid but she was in hospital and knew she was dying, we took her out into the garden one day and a storm was approaching, she made us stay out until the rain came and she was wet because she wanted to feel the rain again.
Picture two is a common sight here, a wind turbine on the trip from Hilversum to Lelystad, Flevoland is so flat and windy and empty that there are literally hundreds of these massive things.

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