Friday, 6 August 2010

The one where I blather on

Anyway I thought I might say a bit more about me seeing as I have a downer on my actual scrapping ability. I am a stay at home Mum ( not through choice but through geograhphical circumstance). I was a teacher but now live in the Netherlands and jobs in international schools are few and far between, so I decided to set myself the challenge of making a scrapbook page for every day of the year( not one every day but on average one a day if you get my drift). Iam up to 225 for the yaer which puts me into the middle of next week, I need to get ahead so that I can go on holiday and not get downhearted by being behind.

I don't want to bore anyone with the minutia of my life so I decided to blog my pages but well I am a little disheaterned this week, (why am I in itallics) it might be time to stop blathering and let ou get on with something less boring instead (anyone remeber Why don't you?)

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  1. Yes, I do remember Why Don't You! I used to watch it during the summer holidays, but never, ever did anything that they suggested!!