Sunday, 15 August 2010

the one with more pictures for Shimelle

Here are a few more photos for Shimelle's cyber crop just need to take one more tomorrow...

Craft in progress

my craft space is a TIP as you can see. It is not helped by Nancy who wants to make pictures too. see below

Self portrait

We are tidying the house for the arrival of in-laws next week, in the process Nancy found some old glasses which she wanted so we removed the lenses, then the boys wanted some too. Ha Ha I though chance to take a photo without them twigging what it's for. so I got the timer working and have a self-portrait with my family all wearing glasses.
While we were getting ready I got this shot which has to do for the portrait shot
I was going to wait until tomorrow and take a smile picture of the kids until I saw this picutre I took today while tidying, if there is a chance it will get binned I try and take a photo of the kids artwork. who could resist this smile?

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