Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Using some suppiles number ONe

I decided to set myself a bit of a challenge to see how many LOS I could make from a limited set of supplies. I chose eight papers and a pile of scraps. I supplemeted it with as many sheets of white card as I needed and allowed myself to use any letters, punches and tape  I wanted.

here are my eight papers- these ones are mostly from a paper pad by AC so they are not double sided which limited me a little

these were the scraps ( although i did add a couple of otheres as i went on)

and here is the first LO that I made
for this LO I used a mat of one of the papers and then the barcode strips from all the papers as well as strips of the papers that I had chosen

the photo is not great but my son Arthur took it with his i-pod and that was part of the story that I wanted to scrap
its called "Arthur's taking a picture so smile"
stay tuned to see how many more I managed to make

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