Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lullaby by the Cure

I made these two LOS for the DT at Scrap it With a Song. The inspiration is from a song that I love but is quite trivky to scrap. its by the Cure and its called Lullaby.

I chose the line candy stripe legs as my inspiration- the song has lots about the spiderman so on the first i made a web out of bakers twine. Nancy in the ppicture has stripy legs for her halloween costume.
this second is also inspired by the candystripe legs. this time i used a picture of an actual spider. i took the photo through our window as this spider was spinning its web across the pane of glass.
the title is candy srtipe leg8. i had run out of s on my stickers so i substituted an 8. normally i would have colured it in a little bit so it looked like a s but with it being a spider, with eight legs, i decided to leave the title as it was.

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