Thursday, 31 January 2013

Smile on your face

People don't seem to believe that I can scrap quickly but I really do. I started this LO at 2.25 and it is now 2.50 and I am uploading it to my blog. I have to admit I haven't journalled on it yet but that time did include me googling the lyrics for the song I was supposed to use for inspiration.

this LO is for Scrap it With a Song and the song this time is As Long AS You Love Me by Justin Bieber. As soon as I saw it was a Justin Bieber song I knew I had to make a LO of Arthur. Arthur does not like Justin Bieber- he doesn't get songs about love and has taken to refering to Bieber as Dustbin Beaver.

There was a perfect phrase in the lyrics "smile on your face" which  went so well with this bonkers picture of Arthur. He was learning about the Ancient Egyptians at school recently so he was really excited to go to the British Museum and see the Mummys, the hieroglpyhs and the Rosetta Stone.

 I will add journalling either in the top patch of Kraft paper or the orange and kraft section at the bottom when i find a suitable pen.

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