Saturday, 26 January 2013

London Town and Lucky Me

This LO came from Shimelle's starting point. You can see my version of the starting point below. And above you can see how I finished it. (Well still need to journal but couldn't find the pen)

The photo is an Instagram from our winter trip to London. It's the rest of the family on the millennium bridge with St Paul's cathedral in the background as we were on our way to Tate Modern. We are so lucky here with the number of museums that are free to visit. It's so good with the kids because you don't fell you need to see everything and spend hours trudging round. A few highlights, a toilet trip and you can save the rest until next time.

The starting point


  1. I love the way you mirror-imaged the starting point!

  2. I like all the great colours you picked as your starting point. You did a great job on Shimelle's starting point layout!!