Saturday, 25 February 2012

google earth

Yesterday I got a call at work- I'd only been there 15 minutes- Arthur had been sick at before school care- I needed to go and pick him up.

I spent the rest of the day feeling like a really bad person- I had three choices once Arthur was settled and asleep
1. tidy the house
2. do some work
3. scrap
what did I do? scrap of course but as a consequence I felt guilty while I was doing it- which was not great for the creative juices- still I made four LOs and got an hour or so today to make another 2

This one is for Scrap the Boys- using a sketch

Now I know there are technically no boys on the picture but it is about Stanley. the arrow is pointing to Stanley's bike. the picture was taken while he was playing at his friend Ben's house and his bike was parked outside- but what is really cool is that the photo is printed from Google Earth- Stanley's playdate is captured forever on the net

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  1. Hey Karen, great interpretation of the sketch. Thanks for playing along with Scrap the Boys.