Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A studio Calico effort

I did this for the Studio Calico Recipe challenge
you have to use...
3 photos
Kraft card
ledger paper
a frame and misters
(there are no misters on here but I have none and have no intention of starting on another whole area of technique that will involve me buying 16 different varieties because I need all the colours)


  1. This is cute!! I know you dont want to start another new technique but I gotta say that once you mist you will fall in love. I only bought them cuz they were recommended by EVERYONE, but didnt think I'd use them. Ever since I've tried them I havent done a LO w/o them. Trust me, you'll LOVE them. Check every day until they come up at a great price. NICE LO by the way! I just started doing the challenges over at SC also, they're way fun!