Thursday, 16 September 2010

Me in the Spotlight (not)

Yet again I am uploading a challenge for the American Crafts blog. This week the challenge was to put yourself in the spotlight. It made me realise I am hardly ever in the spotlight or at least in the camera's focus. There are only two photos of me from this year that someone else took and on one occasion I had to ask. (The other occasion was by Arthur on the day he got Stanley's cast of camera. He took 92 photos that day of anything that didn't move including pictures on the wall and dirty laundry) Anyway the upshot of all this is that I turned the idea round to explain why I am never in the spotlight unless I take a picture of myself.

This picture was taken on a visit to my sister's when we all went to Gemini Cafe. I took our reflection in the mirror in the wall

American Crafts Craft Fair Paper, thickers and a remarks journalling spot
The cherry cut out is from a magazine I have just found here In Holland called flow. It's not a craft magazine per se but they give away paper items every magazine ( I seriously love it)

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