Thursday, 11 October 2012

using scraps- stealing ideas

I love pootling about the internet finding inspiration- unfortunately with the laptop out of action I've been doing it less and less- sitting on a hard chair in the playroom doesn't have the same appeal
but I had a little wander last week and found loads of ideas using scraps of paper
I made these three LOs and  not one whole piece of patterned paper was harmed in the process

I apologise for not sharing ho I stole the ideas from- I always forget to record that important bit of info :(

this one uses half circles in a graduated colour effect

these two uses two inch squares cut in half diagonally in a patchwork effect
both exactly the same design just with different colours
this one the wild flower meadows at the Olympic Park in London
 this one a series of Instagrams from our trip to Belgium this summer
( I am pickleboys on Instagram if you want to take a look)

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  1. These are great ideas! I hate throwing scraps away so I will definitely need to try these out!