Friday, 30 July 2010

the ones for the Color room

All of the following LOs are for the Color Room, I wasn't sure about the combo (#16) I thought it was too Christmassy for July and ended up doing three LOs!

This first one is Arthur in a photo booth, trying to get some Passport photos, I really want to tell the story behind the disaster but once I started on the LO I didn't want to add too much so I have saved one picture for a future LO of the full story, bottom line don't trust a man with important jobs.
LO 2 No my face is not blurred out just one of the delight of cameras with film in the 70s, my Nan made the best of a bad picture though, she drew on my eyes and eyebrows in biro, gotta save that !
final Lo, My Nan in Sratford -upon-Avon she laughed until she cried over this photo, we have no idea who the man is but he is in focus and Nan isn't. the postcard is a real postcard sent from Rotterdam in the 1920s. I bought up a big stack of written postcards at a flea market in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago just to use like this.

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