Monday, 9 May 2011

All my eggs....

All my eggs in a Studio Calico basket. Having got back from holiday on Friday I had a list fo about 20 challenges I wanted to do before I went to bed! Then along came NSD and I had another list of 20 challenges I wanted to complete! LOL.

Anyway part of that long list was from studio Calico- i've combined a few of their challenges into this one LO
1. colour challenge- blue, orange, green ( and kraft) well mine doesn't have any kraft- i used white because I am literally OUT OF KRAFT- oh the horror!
2.typography- i used the excess from a sheet of alphabets
3. and tape- which I used to make the border at the bottom

and the LO- Nancy it turns out its just like me- give her the camera for 2 minutes and she has pictures of her feet- although she may have been aiming at taking a picture of her stinging nettle rash- which is why one of her trouser legs is rolled up

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  1. This is a fantastic page! I know exactly how you felt- I was thinking the exact same thing- wish the challenges had been extended to another weekend day so I could get in some more pages.